In 1998 I anxiously attended my first Pilates class with Ian Dilworth following an injury and on the advice of my consultant. 

I quickly became fascinated by the method and the results I was seeing in my own body, both mentally and physically. With Ian’s support I went on to train with some of the most renowned exponents including Michael King, Lynne Robinson, Gordon Thompson, Hana Jones, Tisha Harrington and James D’ Silva. 
For me, Pilates embodies physical movements, conscious breathing and the power of our minds: Simple movement patterns developing in complexity to create challenging and diverse sequences which require a sense of awareness in every movement. Keeping this as my core approach allows me to tailor my classes to the specific abilities and needs of my clients, ensuring each lesson is both rewarding and beneficial as we explore making our movement strong and graceful. Where Yoga uses the body to connect with the mind and the inner self, Pilates uses mindfulness to connect to the inner workings of the body. 
My Pilates journey has always been enhanced by my experience teaching and practicing Yoga. Initially qualifying many years ago, I returned to a formal study of Ashtanga Yoga in 2012 and qualified to teach with the extraordinary Yoga coach Jamie Blowers. For the last 10years I have regularly practiced Pilates at the Garuda Studio in St Johns Wood where I continue to learn and develop my knowledge, teaching style and philosophy. I am genuinely thankful that every day I am fortunate to work with my dedicated clients, making lives healthier and more joyful. 
With thanks to 
The Pilates Institute 
The Pilates Foundation 
The Garuda Studio 
The Body Control Pilates Association 
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